Why HeadAid

HeadAid is dedicated to patients who suffer from all types of headaches. Our products are designed to support the relief from the symptoms caused by migraine, stress and tension headaches, headaches caused by renal dialysis and Post Concussion Syndrome.

Our products were created to fill a void in the marketplace for easy-to-use, affordable, effective, natural products to meet the need of the headache sufferer.  The products are clinically supported by using clinically studied ingredients (see references). The products are designed both to be used on their own or in addition to current patient protocols as directed by their physician.

Our objective is to help the headache sufferer with products to address their symptoms free from side-effects. The product comes in three (3) distinct effervescent (drink mix) formulations:

Fast-Acting Day– To be used when a headache presents at work or during an activity where drowsiness is not an option.

NEW Fast-Acting Day - Tropical Flavor - Now made with riboflavin and peppermint, which are proven to help significantly reduce the attack frequency and attack migraine and headache days. Available in a convenient 20 serving pack. 

Daily – To be used daily to minimize and potentially prevent the symptoms that are commonly associated with headache including nausea, problems caused by light and sound, constipation, trouble with sleeping and a host of others.

Fast Acting Night – To be used when you are awakened with a headache.

NO PILLS - HeadAid has been developed as an effervescent powder, conveniently packaged in individual stick packs. The effervescent powder will fizz when introduced to water. In addition to our calculated ingredients, the effervescence helps address nausea and easy to use. For additional information about each product and its ingredients, please visit the individual product pages.


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